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September 27, 20180
Obscurity Labs Officially Offering Advanced Cyber Security Services, Innovation, & Expert Training


Herndon, VA, Release: October 1, 2018. For Immediate Release:

Details about Obscurity Labs and its Mission

Public and private organizations require world-class cybersecurity services.  Obscurity Labs officially launches critical cybersecurity services that address the needs of these organizations. Obscurity Labs is comprised of military veteran members of both the Information Technology and Cyber Security fields, with extensive knowledge & experience of offensive and defensive security services.

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Alexander Rymdeko-Harvey mentions: “Starting Obscurity Labs has been one of the most rewarding and challenging tasks I’ve ever taken on; but also one of the more important ones. With a domain as dynamic as cyber, the ability to adapt and overcome is critical.  We plan to bring that dynamic component to the forefront of our mission and offer services that are tailored to our client’s needs. Our team of highly experienced security engineers and developers are what makes the difference; its not tools or equipment, its the talent and experience that will drive our success.” 

Details about Obscurity Labs Three Core Service Lines


A core area of Obscurity Labs will be dedicated division in Security Research & Development (SRD). Obscurity Labs will offer Cyber Security research that goes beyond traditional means; with the fortunate ability to conduct Open-source, public, and private research that is specifically tailored to our client’s needs. Using the most relevant Attack Tactics Techniques & Procedures (TTPs) to develop custom tooling for offensive operations within our internal team, and contribute to open source tools within the security industry. Obscurity Labs SRD division has the ability to tackle extremely difficult challenges in both offensive and defensive cyber domains.


Although Obscurity Labs is well experienced in this area, we will begin the public offering of our highly tailored trainings in two core areas; Cyber Threat Emulation (CTE) and SOC Emersion Training (SET). CTE focuses on a wide range of topics, some of which includes: the foundational technology & training of specific security topics & techniques, to more advanced core concepts that foster a holistic comprehension of adversarial tradecraft with multiple skill level offerings. SET embeds our offensive operators inside the network alongside an organization’s SOC analysts, to work on specific threat actor TTPs.   We have had amazing results with our private offerings of this training, and we’re excited to make it available to the public.  This training will dramatically enhance your team’s operational skills and improve their ability to prevent, detect, and respond.


Obscurity Labs will begin publicly offering Information Technology Engineering (ITE)Application Security Engagements (ASE), and Cyber Threat Emulation (CTE). Our Obscurity Labs team has extensive experiences in Application Development, DevOps, Cloud Engineering, Automation & orchestration, as well as the ability to develop in low-level languages to support ITE.  Our ASE will be comprised of comprehensive tiered security engagements, which allows Obscurity Labs ASE services to deliver maximum value to each of its customers regardless of size. Finally, CTE will deliver red team and threat emulation services. Threat Emulation can take many forms, and levels of sophistication ranging from targeted attacks to wide-net attempts for access. Obscurity Labs team has first hand experience executing these tests against organizations ranging from local banks to fortune 500 companies.


About Obscurity Labs LCC: Obscurity Labs is a veteran-owned cybersecurity firm. Collaborating with public and private sector clients to solve their most difficult security challenges through a combination of contracting, consulting, analytics, threat emulation, information technology engineering,  cybersecurity, advanced security research & development, and innovative security expertise.

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If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!

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