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todayMay 7, 2021

Cyber security + Service Line + MDR Daniel West

Post SUNBURST MDR, Zero Trust, and Deconfliction within the Supply Chain – A Case Example of a Broken Process

On April 22, 2021, many SOC’s and MDR services were going about their normal day-to-day operations, when some of us across the community received an alert from our EDR platforms for some or all the following Dell binaries: Filename MD5 Hash SHA-1 Hash SHA-256 Hash VirusTotal Dsapi.exe  52fdd8a255fd3d57b8ba3bb238306a32  90f76ea1907192720ec6a85301b0656004de78e6  9ae19f49304fbd27cf07a76e861f3288165bc809de20e32dd8f2dddda59066af  [...]

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Jaime Renee Wissner

Intermediate Systems Engineer I

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About Jaime Renee

Jaime hails from Brooklyn, NY, and Old Bridge, NJ. She graduated from Montclair State University with a Filmmaking degree in 2015, but immediately set on a path in technology, avidly studying web design and working freelance for Apress founder Gary Cornell, diving deep into technologies like Docker, Flask, and React, very quickly falling in love with staying on the cutting edge. She moved on to a QA Engineer position with Advance Digital, in Jersey City, designing tools and systems for testing and managing large numbers of identical websites simultaneously, still in use to this day. Having solely managed department AWS resources, she moved up the ladder to Devops Engineer at Billtrust, living comfortably in the cloud and solving complex deployment automation strategies, skills that she brought with her to her most recent position at Amazon Web Services, providing Premium Support for Amazon Web Services customers, focused in Deployment services. Working at AWS spurred a renaissance of growth for her, becoming an expert in over 20 AWS services, including Kubernetes. She’s very proud to bring the skills and experiences of her career to the close knit and experienced family at Obscurity Labs, and continuing her growth in engineering.

In her free time, Jaime spends copious amounts of time speedrunning Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and dedicating time to the Pokemon Trading Card Game in both a player and judge role. She’s a proud member of the transgender community, and is working on a website called Trans.Guide, a crowdsourced wiki for transition information and support. She lives with her two cats, Bagel and Cream Cheese, playing video game music covers and composing original pieces on piano and ukulele for them. You can find her cruising around the neighborhood, and outside the Obscurity Labs office. on her longboards, for both exercise and fun.