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ObscurityLab’s efforts are always geared towards improving the quality of the software products by enhancing it’s security. Whether the product was developed by us or our clients, we have the ability to integrate appropriate security controls that are effective and transparent while minimizing the performance impact. We prefer to integrate security testing into the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) so that security is built into the applications.

At ObscurityLabs, our engineers and developers understand the importance of a design with security built into it’s foundation. Our teams make use of the OpenSAMM framework to ensure that we are adhering to the principles necessary when developing secure applications. Our cloud engineers work in conjunction with our penetration testers to hone the necessary skills needed to identify possible security issues in the cloud environment. Their designs incorporate tools and techniques that monitor the environment and help prevent and/or identify security breaches.

Our assessments utilize the internationally recognized OWASP OpenSAMM framework to find out where exactly you stand with regards to generally accepted norms of maturity in development. Our analysis leads to a clear report of the areas where you do well and points out where improvements are needed.We can then work together to construct a roadmap, based on our assessment findings, your security needs, ambitions and budget. This develops a path towards a higher security maturity level in software development and an overall better quality product in the end.


Currently the most in-demand languages according to an Indeed job opening study done in Dec. 2017 led us to understand better and serve the market.
JAVA – 26,269
JavaScript – 24,248
C# – 13,523
Python – 11,757


Global cloud adoption has risen to the top of how continuous integration, DevOps, and software is built today. Obscurity Labs is focusing on how to SME for this growing space.
AWS – 57 %
Azure – 34%
Google Cloud – 15%
IBM – 8%

How Obscurity Labs
Integrates With You

Obscurity Labs engineers are experienced in architecting, designing and building complex KVM, AWS, and on-prem solutions. Our engineers focus on authentication, authorization, security, big data, auditing, defense in depth, high availability, and contingency planning.
Obscurity Labs Developers are experienced in many programming and scripting languages. Our team has extensive experiences in DevOps, orchestration, and ability to develop in low-level languages. We integrate into any SDLC. Our team is experienced in

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Obscurity Labs

At Obscurity Labs, we pride ourselves in our unique ability to integrate comprehensive strategy and cutting edge security into any information operations environment. Within the ever evolving world of information technology, it is imperative that your organization take a proactive, holistic approach to information security operations.


If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!


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