Our team is experienced at performing all the phases of a red team operation to mimic the capabilities and mindset of today’s dynamic, advanced persistent threat (APT). We can also perform custom tooling upon request.

Red Teaming and Penetration Testing

Obscurity Labs takes a R.A.P.I.D approach to our Red Team engagements.



We recognize and understand the constraints (including risks) of many types of environments, ranging from the common enterprise to CIKR, including environmental components such as the people, processes, and technologies. As such, we deliver the most realistic engagement possible, with a high degree of responsibility and minimal disruption.



We become the threat actors targeting your organization by assimilating the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures targeting your industry in the wild. Some red teams stick to predefined ``playbooks`` consisting of static ``TTPs``. A true adversary is dynamic and will deviate if out-manuvered by defenders. As excellent threat emulators, we will as well.



The key to an ``Advanced Persistent Threat`` (APT), is the fact that they are ``persistent``. This includes establishing initial access and maintaining that access for a long period of time without being detected. We only have a limited period of time to establish access, however, once we do we will keep your SOC team busy by reemerging with new indicators.


Innovative & Dynamic

We react to obstacles within the contested environment and can deviate from static TTPs by utilizing the latest open source and in-house tailored access tools…just like a threat actor would. Furthermore, our team utilizes innovative approaches that go beyond ``throwing an exploit``.


Our team has extensive offensive and defensive cybersecurity experience in the following industries and sectors:

☑ Aerospace

☑ Communications

☑ Defense

☑ Financial Services/Technology

☑ Government

☑ Healthcare

☑ Information Technology


Our team’s offensive and defensive cybersecurity experience includes, but is not limited to the following technologies:

☑ Enterprise Windows and Linux Systems

☑ Various Cloud Platforms and Technologies

☑ Web Applications and Databases

☑ FOSS, COTS, and GOTS Applications

☑ Embedded Systems / Internet of Things (IoT)

☑ Service Provider Transport and WAN Technologies

☑ Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

☑ Radar, Satellite, and Weapon Systems

Don’t see your industry or technologies in this list? Many of these industries and technologies share common characteristics and we can apply them to your industry and technologies as well. Contact us today so we can discuss delivering your organization a tailored experience.