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todayMay 7, 2021

Cyber security + Service Line + MDR Daniel West

Post SUNBURST MDR, Zero Trust, and Deconfliction within the Supply Chain – A Case Example of a Broken Process

On April 22, 2021, many SOC’s and MDR services were going about their normal day-to-day operations, when some of us across the community received an alert from our EDR platforms for some or all the following Dell binaries: Filename MD5 Hash SHA-1 Hash SHA-256 Hash VirusTotal Dsapi.exe  52fdd8a255fd3d57b8ba3bb238306a32  90f76ea1907192720ec6a85301b0656004de78e6  9ae19f49304fbd27cf07a76e861f3288165bc809de20e32dd8f2dddda59066af  [...]

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At Obscurity Labs, we pride ourselves in our unique ability to integrate comprehensive strategy and cutting-edge security into any information environment. Within the ever-evolving world of information technology, it is imperative that your organization take a proactive, holistic approach to information security operations.

By leveraging our comprehensive experience in implementing an infrastructure and technology-agnostic approach, integrating real-world attacker tradecraft, security assessments, and training,  we believe your organization will be armed with the technology, processes and policies necessary to win the ever-evolving battle to ensure the continuous availability and integrity of your organization’s information.


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As a security company that’s mission is to drive impact on our future generation our customers must trust us. We must always strive to be open to our customers and accessible by the community for help.

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