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todayJuly 9, 2021

Cyber security + Software Supply Chain Cybersecurity Daniel West

Software Supply Chain Targeting – Who Will The APTs Target Next?

Introduction After I saw the buzz about Kaseya on July 2nd, I decided it was time to start writing a blog post about targeting the supply chain.  Software supply chain “attacks” aren’t new, however, they will become much more mainstream now that there has been extended media coverage of the SolarWinds incident. You may have noticed a similar [...]

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Vulnerability Management

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Vulnerability Management Overview

We provide automated scanning services for web applications, databases, systems, network appliances, and other types of nodes. We can also help your organization develop an end-to-end vulnerability management program to help ensure long term security compliance, especially if you are enrolled and are trying to maintain government regulations or organizational certifications like SOC 1 and 2. This includes an asset identification program, a vulnerability scanning program, a patch management program, and even a bug bounty program. We can even write the policies and procedures for the program and present them to upper management.

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Key Benefits

check Meet SOC Scanning Compliance Requirements

check Determine Vulnerabilities in External Facing Applications and Websites

check Define Custom Scans

check Develop Holistic Vulnerability Management Programs